Match result

CHUBB Season 5, Season 5 Championship Game
Chaos Dwarf logo
no custom badge
Foul Attitudes

gate: 35 000
0 TD score 1
cas score
Brettonian logo
no custom badge
Holy Crusaders

TD Scorers
Pope Leo X
Foulers (no cas)
Father Evanko
Father John

Badly Hurt'ers

Serious Injurers
Cardinal Jaime Sin

Completions By
Interceptions By

Wreck-It Seņorita
MVP awards to
Pope John Paul
  Sustained Injuries  

-1 AV
Father Aubrey
victim healed by apoth
Result added November 27th, 2018

Match notes
The divisional rivals met in the championship to decide the tie-breaker between the two teams.

The Holy Crusaders received the ball and rushed down the field to score early, their nimble knights easily handing the ball off from one another to pass the ball down the field. Having several turns left, the bull centaurs of the Foul Attitudes tried to take their time moving the ball but were stopped short by the dauntless blitzers who almost managed to scoop up the ball and score again!

In the second half, it was much of the same as the blitzers were able to maneuver around the Foul Attitudes with ease, using side step to prevent the bull centaurs from rushing down the side lines. The Holy Crusaders were also able to casualty the minotaur of the Foul Attitudes, a huge blow to their blitzing power.

Congratulations to Denny Franks and the Holy Crusaders who took home the C.H.U.B.B. league cup!

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