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Skarbrand Skulltakers

gate: 16 000
2 TD score 2
cas score
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The Alfheim Lions


Dalgon Lorkar
Dalgon Lorkar
TD Scorers

Badly Hurt'ers

Dagon BloodSpiller
fans / random event
Serious Injurers
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  Sustained Injuries  
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-1 ST
Result added April 15th, 2018

Match notes
A wild game! The Lions kicked off to the Skulltakers in the first half. Unable to even pick up the ball, the Skulltakers conceded to touchdowns in the first half. The Skulltakers made a late first half rally and got some of the Lions off the field and scored. In the second half we saw the Skulltakers rally after the Lions fumbled on a critical pass play that would have sealed the game. Instead the Lions would have to settle for a tie with the Skulltakers.

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