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CHUBB Season 3, Week Nine
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Buffl'ton Bills

gate: 19 000
3 TD score 0
cas score
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Polo Grounds HOF


Thurman Thomas II
Thurman Thomas II
LeSean McCoy
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

OJ "Juice" Simpson
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers

Bruce Smith
Eric Wood
fans / random event
Completions By
Y.A. Tittle
Interceptions By

Preston Brown II
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Gradishar dead
Buoniconti dead
Butkis dead
Result added February 9th, 2018

Match notes
The two dwarf teams met on the pitch with perfect blood bowl weather - 19,000 drunken fans were in attendance, while the well-traveled Bills Mafia slightly outnumbering the Polo Grounds HOF fans.

Bills Notes:

(turn 2) OJ "Juice" Simpson badly hurt Nitschke, the only troll slayer on the HOF roster.

(turn 3) Preston Brown the II snuck in the pile to foul the HOF journeyman (and was ejected in the process). The Bills sideline attempted to argue the call and was unfortunately unsuccessful in persuading the ref to see reason.

(turn 4) Thurman Thomas received a dump-off pass from LeSean McCoy and sprinted down the left side-line to score the first touchdown of the half.

(turn 8) Moving fast off the kick-off, the Bills were allowed to re-position their defensive line and were in perfect opportunity to scoop up the ball after a short kick. LeSean McCoy juked the last defender to score the Bills second touchdown of the game.

(turn 9) Bruce Smith trucked Gradishar hard off the line, going for clear helmet-to-helmet contact. Immobile, Gradishar was rolled over by the NAF ref and found to have been dead before he hit the ground.

(turn 11) Eric Wood blindsided Buoniconti with a chop-block, folding him up as another defender piled on. After the scrum had settled, Buoniconti had suffered two gouged eyes and no longer had a pulse.

(turn 12) OJ "Juice" Simpson bull-rushed Butkis, pushing him into the crowd with his frenzy. Having seen enough of the HOF that day, the fans tore Butkis limb-from-limb, with only his bloody jersey making it back to the dugout.

(turn 16) Thurman Thomas II scooped up the ball and secured his second score of the game.

Polo Grounds HOF:

(turn 8) Y.A Tittle, practicing his throwing skills, completed a short pass.

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